Do You Need To Pre-wash Baby Clothes?

Do You Need To Pre-wash Baby Clothes?

Parents should ensure that they wash all new baby clothes before they get in contact with their baby’s skin. New baby clothes tend to be in contact with germs and harmful bacteria. As a result, they can lead to allergic reactions in your baby.

Baby clothes are usually kept in warehouses where there are various rodents and bugs. Moreover, new baby clothes are sometimes treated with formaldehyde to stay new for an extended period.

While in storage, baby clothes can also get dust and mold. Therefore, you need to prewash baby clothes before using them.

When is the right time to pre-wash baby clothes?

It would be best to wash your baby’s garments way before delivery. This way, all your baby clothes will be fresh and clean when the baby arrives. Luckily, you don’t have to wash all your baby clothes at once.

You can start washing baby clothes in batches every week.

How to Pre-wash Baby Clothes

Washing baby clothes is a big deal to most parents. Therefore, there is a lot of preparation involved when cleaning your baby’s clothes. Let’s take a look at a detailed procedure for prewashing baby clothes.

Step one: Prepare your clothes

The first thing to do is to prepare your clothes. Start by organizing your clothes by color. Separate the large baby clothes from the small ones. Place all the small baby clothes like socks, bibs in a mesh bag. Then, place them in the washing machine.

Note that you might end up losing a sock or two when you don’t wash small baby clothes in a mesh bag.

Step two: Choose a detergent

After separating your clothes, select a suitable detergent for washing your baby clothes. It is always advisable to go for a mild detergent that contains minimal toxic chemicals.

An organic detergent is ideal for washing your baby clothes.

Organic baby detergents contain 100% natural ingredients. Thus, they are less likely to cause skin and eye irritation.

Some of the best baby detergents you can use include the Mama Bear Gentle Baby Laundry Detergent and the Biokleen Natural Laundry Detergent Liquid.

Besides being mild, your detergent should clean your baby clothes effectively.

Step three: Wash and dry

After you select a suitable detergent, start washing your baby clothes. It is always advisable to follow all the washing instructions indicated on the baby’s clothes. Should you wash baby clothes with hot or cold water? Well, this depends on the type of fabric you are washing.

It is essential to use a gentle setting on your washing machine.

When can I stop washing baby clothes separately?

Parents ask one of the most common questions is, ‘Should I separate my baby’s clothes from the rest of the family’s laundry?’ Yes, it is important to separate your baby’s clothes from the rest of the laundry.

This is because you may not be using the same detergent or washing machine setting when washing your baby clothes.

Keep in mind that baby clothes need mild baby detergent. On the other hand, baby detergent may be too mild for the rest of your laundry. Also, some of your laundries cannot get clean from a mild washing machine setting.

Adult clothes are also more susceptible to getting germs. Thus, mixing them with baby clothes is not a good idea, especially when doing laundry.

You can stop washing your baby clothes separately when your baby clothes are strong enough to withstand a high washing machine setting or another detergent.

This is usually when your baby grows older. Ultimately, baby clothes are more delicate. Thus, it would be best to separate them from your normal laundry.

Can I wash newborn clothes in a washing machine?

Are you a soon-to-be parent? You might be wondering whether it’s safe to wash your baby’s clothes in a washing machine. There’s nothing wrong with washing your baby’s clothes in a washing machine.

Wash them using a gentle setting and use a baby-friendly detergent to wash newborn clothes.It is perfectly okay to wash your baby’s clothes in the washing machine. However, you need to read and understand all the laundry care instructions for your baby’s garments.

When washing your baby’s clothes in the washing machine, ensure you separate them with the rest of your laundry.

Also, note that you should avoid using fabric softeners on your baby clothes. This is because they contain toxic chemicals that can cause skin irritation.

Baby Clothes Washing Tips

When washing baby clothes, there are several tips you ought to consider. Some include:

  • Avoid washing your baby clothes together with other clothes. Baby clothes usually contain unique stains that might affect other clothes. Also, baby clothes do not require a lot of washing since they are smaller and softer.

Consequently, it is not a good idea to mix your baby clothes and your normal clothes in the                 washing machine.

  • Use the right amount of detergent. It is always advisable to use the right amount of detergent when washing your baby clothes. Using excessive detergent can lead to the occurrence of toxic residue on your baby clothes. This can be irritating to your baby’s skin. Always follow the instructions indicated on the detergent label.
  • Rinse thoroughly. Always rinse your baby’s clothes thoroughly after giving them a proper wash. Rinsing your baby clothes repeatedly helps you get rid of all the detergent present on your clothes.

Doing this helps you prevent skin and eye irritation in your babies.

  • Dry everything immediately. Ensure you dry your baby’s clothes immediately. Note that leaving your baby’s clothes in water for extended periods can lead to the formation of mold and mildew. In turn, this can cause severe health problems for your child.

What should be prewashed before your baby arrives?

Getting a clear understanding of what to wash before your baby arrives is important. Below are some of the baby stuff you should prewash before delivery. Typically, you can prewash everything, but let’s try being specific.

  • Baby clothes and fabrics. Wash all baby clothes before your delivery date. You should thoroughly clean all coats, t-shirts, onesies, and socks before the baby arrives. This way, all your clothes will be clean, and you’ll have nothing to worry about as a new mum.
  • Blankets and swaddle blankets. Another thing you should wash before the baby comes is blankets. Remember, you want to create a clean sleeping spot for your baby. Clean blankets create a warm and cozy environment for your baby.
  • Stuffed animals. Never forget to clean your baby’s stuffed toys. Forgetting to clean your child’s toys is quite easy. Nevertheless, you have to follow the proper instructions for cleaning your child’s toys.

        Use mild detergents and a gentle setting to prevent them from getting damaged.

The bottom line

It is essential for soon-to-be parents to prewash baby clothes. Baby clothes are more susceptible to harmful bacteria and germs. Therefore, you need to wash them before they get in contact with your baby’s skin.

When washing your baby clothes, ensure you use the right detergent and machine-wash setting.

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