Easter Gifts For Children

Variety of Easter gifts for your children

Our goal for Easter is to assist you in gathering all of your eggs into your basket so that you may plan your gifts and activities well in advance of the event.

Easter is usually a lot of fun for children, especially if they play with new toys and other Easter gifts. Stuffed animals, snacks, and toys will make anyone’s day better, no matter if you’re having an indoor egg hunt or making a beautiful Easter basket.

Small toys

Easter baskets aren’t just for candy; they’re also perfect for storing small toys. After burying them, your child will love finding these in fake eggs or Easter grass. Toy cars, finger puppets, small plush animals, action figures, and more are just some of the possibilities.

Baking tools

Make an Easter basket full of baking supplies for your child so they can do some Easter baking this year. Put aprons, oven mitts, and age-appropriate cooking tools in the package. The addition of a cookbook for kids will make your child excited about cooking.

Cookie jar

Cookies are a favorite among all children. You may even include some chocolate chips in your Easter basket if you make a cookie-themed one. Cookie jars aren’t the only use for this basket. Include a few kid-friendly recipes to get your budding baker off to a good start.

Rainy day games

As a parent, it’s up to you to fill your child’s toy basket with a variety of card and board games. You may play this during family game evenings or birthday parties for everyone in the family because it’s appropriate for all ages.

This is a great idea that will keep the whole family entertained for a long time.

Art basket

Easter basket ideas for aspiring artists could include a variety of art equipment. Washable markers and crayons are ideal for this age group. An art tripod, a small canvas, or even a fine paintbrush might be good for older children.

Stuffed animals

There are several advantages to stuffed animals for children of any age. Add a new item to their collection that meets their age range and interests. Select a stuffed rabbit or newborn chick that they can keep till next spring, or something more generic like a basket filled with candy.

Swimming theme

When Easter comes around, it’s time to get your swimsuits out. A swimming-themed basket will excite your child’s interest in the prospect of warm, sunny days. A new swimsuit, goggles, and pool toys are all good ideas.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to sign them up for swimming classes if they require them.

Crafting with palm trees

At Easter, palms take on an important role and are frequently shown as crosses. Your child can make their own cross or other shapes out of the palms that you include in the basket. With a little practice, most primary school-aged children should be able to complete this task.

Plenty of puzzles

The wonderful thing about puzzles is that there is one to suit every taste and ability level. Children will appreciate easy puzzles that test their motor and matching skills. Also, older children may enjoy jigsaw puzzles with 100 to 1000 pieces.


There are many ways to personalize a doll for any child’s preference. With all of the accessories and outfits, your child’s dolls will provide hours of fun and enjoyment.

A trip to the mall

You don’t always have to fill Easter baskets with things you’ll use right away. Your child’s basket should be a way for you and your youngster (or your entire family) to spend quality time together by going shopping.

Including a gift certificate to their favorite menus for nearby restaurants and their favorite store will allow them to choose where to eat after shopping.

Musical theme

Put a little music in their Easter basket if they’re into that sort of thing. Instruments like maracas, recorders, harmonicas, or tambourines are also great to put in the mix. For your child’s age and level of skill, get a music instruction book.

Gift cards

Easter baskets stuffed full of small toys may not be the best option for children who are older or even for some younger children. On the other hand, you can use gift cards to assemble a meaningful hamper.

If you include gift cards for things your child likes, you can rest assured that they’ll be put to great use.

Photo essentials

To help your budding photographer capture their Easter celebrations, give them all the equipment they need. Consider a Polaroid camera, some film, and new frames.

Items for a day outing

Make a day travel plan for your child’s Easter basket and include it in the gift. Take the Easter basket with you on your day trip by packing it in a picnic basket.

When planning a family bike excursion, have your child predict what you’ll be doing with small toy bicycles and other trip-related props. Let them know what you’re going to do, and give them things like a map and a water bottle that they may use on the journey.

Coloring books

Most children enjoy coloring books, and they’re easy to pack inside an Easter basket. Provide a variety of coloring books and colored pencils or crayons for your kids to enjoy. A more difficult, but no less enjoyable option for older children is coloring books geared toward adults.

Fidget toys

You can’t go wrong by stuffing an Easter basket with brightly colored fidget toys. Toys like these, which come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, can calm children’s nerves and keep their hands occupied.


This Easter, give your child the gift of reading by filling their Easter basket with age-appropriate books. Include books about Easter to teach your child about the festival as they are learning to read.

For older kids, a collection of books from a well-known series may be a good option, as might a range of picture books for the younger ones.

Mystery boxes

Instead of hiding items in eggs, give your child a surprise Easter basket full of blind boxes or mystery toys. This way, they can unpack and uncover a variety of new mini-figurines and toys. There is a secret item for everyone.


Lego sets are an excellent option for children as a fun method to learn about science and technology. Include a variety of miniature constructions in each egg in your child’s Easter basket for a fun task.

Alternatively, you might give them a blank slate and ask them to come up with a design of their own.


The superhero craze appears to be here to stay. As a result, there are a plethora of superhero-themed Easter basket fillers. Think of comic books, clothing, small collectibles and toys, and other things.

Memorable merchandise

Buying merchandise from your child’s favorite movies and shows is a great way to celebrate their passions. It doesn’t matter if your basket is full of accessories, Peppa Pig figurines, or FortnitDisney princess products.

Your youngster will enjoy the familiar characters and personalized touch, no matter what you buy.


A journal can be a wonderful present for a child who is just learning to write or an older child who already writes on a regular basis. Give them a diary and pen set in a fun spring hue for their Easter basket. To get them started on their journaling, have them write about what they did for Easter.


A jewelry-themed basket is sure to delight your little one. Bring a few pieces of affordable jewelry along with you and one better piece if you’re shopping for a child.

To encourage your child to make their own unique pieces of jewelry, consider including a jewelry-making kit in your shopping cart. Some of your child’s favorite pieces of jewelry will also fit inside plastic Easter eggs that he or she will love to open.

Pet theme

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to give your child a brand new pet for Easter, but you can still put together a nice Easter basket for their current pet. Cat toys, dog treats, and other animal-themed items can help them develop a stronger bond with their pet.

They will have a great time pampering their best friend.


Fascinating rocks, money, and baseball cards are common collectibles for children. Adding some comparable items to your child’s Easter basket can help them build on their existing collection. Start a new collection for them depending on their preferences.

What to Consider When Buying an Easter Gift for Children


Gifts that fit into traditional Easter baskets are a favorite for some families, while others choose to hide treats during an Easter egg hunt or distribute them in another fashion. Think about how you’ll present the gift and whether it needs to fit into a basket or any other container before you buy it.

Age and stage

Don’t buy toys that are too young or too old for the children you’re buying for. To make it easier to pick the perfect gift, nearly all toys come with age guidelines or recommendations printed right on the box.


What’s great about Easter gifts is that you don’t have to tie them to a single holiday or season. Consider giving a present that kids can use in the spring or summer if you want to think outside the box.


The best Easter gifts for children may be found here, so don’t waste your time browsing elsewhere! It doesn’t matter what age you are, we’ve got the perfect present for you. Bring a smile to your child’s face this Easter with a gift they’ll love.

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