How Do I Entertain My Baby All Day?

Undoubtedly, being a first-time mum is not easy. There are times you feel like you have it all together, and there are times you feel like losing your mind. As the child grows, you have to face a new set of challenges.

 It is therefore essential to identify the best ways to entertain your baby all day. This way, your child won’t throw unnecessary tantrums often. Also, entertaining your baby improves their moods. Remember, children love attention, when they get bored, they tend to throw tantrums.

Some Activities To Keep Your Child Entertained All Day.

First, it is essential to note that babies behave differently. Thus, identify what your child enjoys doing. From there, you can engage them in some of the activities they love.

Fill a basket with toys for them to play with

If your baby has started crawling around the house, keep them in one corner by placing a basket full of toys there. Filling a basket with toys gives your child an opportunity to choose and play with the toy of their preference.

However, note that this can cause a mess in your house. But it can keep your child occupied for several hours. During this time, take advantage and do something else. Luckily, you can purchase a toy basket from Amazon at an affordable price.

Go for long walks around the neighborhood

Once in a while, take your child outdoors. Take a stroll around the neighborhood and let your baby enjoy the summer sun. This way, they’ll get vitamin D; hence become stronger physically. The fresh air and the sun are good for you and your baby.

You can tell your baby a story or listen to a child-friendly podcast with them during this time. Doing this helps your child unwind; in turn, it improves their moods.

Also, if you want your child to fall asleep, consider taking them around with a stroller. However, ensure the stroller has a sun protector to safeguard your child from harmful UV rays.

Make mealtime an enjoyable experience

More often than not, your child spends most of their day eating. This can be overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time mum. Usually, you have to have six nursing sessions and three meal sessions. Most children feed slowly; thus, you are likely to spend hours on meal times.

However, you can always make these experiences worthwhile by taking them positively. Mealtimes allow you to relax. Here, you don’t have to chase your baby from one corner to another. Also, you can make mealtimes fun by coming up with new recipes for your child.

Moreover, mealtimes are generally bonding time with your baby. You can take advantage of these moments and teach your child how to eat by themselves. This, of course, makes your child more responsible over time.

Talk to them when preparing your meals

Having one on one time with your infant is essential. Even if they can’t talk back, they can always understand the mood and context of your speech. Besides, conversing with your baby makes you bond more with them.

Take advantage of meal prep times and bond with your baby. You can place them on a high baby chair as you continue preparing a meal. Here, speak to them and try making them understand the process involved in preparing the meal. Doing this arouses their curiosity and interest in cooking.

Continue doing the chores they enjoy watching

At times, your child enjoys watching you do a particular chore. For instance, experts report that a good percentage of children love watching their parents vacuum surfaces using sleek vacuums. It might take some time to identify the exact chore your child prefers.

You can place your baby on a baby chair or your couch as you continue cleaning the house. Also, through this, your child might develop the need to be responsible in life.

Call family and friends on face time

Most children enjoy meeting new faces and interacting with their age mates. If possible, call your family and friends occasionally to your house. They will help in keeping your child entertained as you conduct other household chores.

Amid the covid-19 restrictions, it would be best to call your friends and family on a video call. Your child will love it. They enjoy seeing their own faces and new faces on screen.

Introduce New Things to Your Baby

Introducing new things to your baby keeps them engaged all day. Children are naturally curious. They love touching and seeing new things. So, show them something new every day. For example, you can turn on a switch or press a button to light up a bulb.

Doing this makes your baby happier. One of the best things to introduce your baby to is a doorbell. The doorbell sound can help you calm your baby within the blink of an eye.

Make Funny Faces or Use Masks

Funny faces usually entertain children. Babies laugh at funny and weird faces. Also, accompany these funny faces with funny sounds to make your children more engaged. Wearing a mask also keeps your child entertained. However, avoid wearing scary masks. Always wear a child-friendly mask.

Read bed time stories to your child and make it fun

Introducing your infant to books is a great way to keep them occupied. Buy a child-friendly bedtime book and read it aloud to them. Although your child may not understand everything that you say, this will spark their curiosity.

Additionally, it will develop a healthy reading pattern for them, and they shall not depart from it when they grow up. Reading bedtime stories to your child also improves their learning capabilities.

Always buy books that are colorful and attractive to the child’s eye. You can also make up your own stories; this keeps them entertained and improves their creativity.

Turn on music that is pleasant to the ear

Consider turning on some child-friendly music to keep your child’s mind engaged. Typically, most children react positively to music. When you play a good song, you elevate your baby’s mood. In turn, your baby is less likely to throw tantrums.

It would be best to play a popular song with unique beats like a baby shark. As you do this, you can hold your baby and dance around to make them more entertained. Alternatively, clap with the beats of the music.

Play Hide and Seek

If your toddler can walk and run around, play hide and seek with them. Hide and seek is a popular game loved by a majority of children. Playing hide and seek gives you the chance to disappear and reappear after some time.

Therefore, during this time, you can always complete any pending tasks that you have. Meanwhile, you can still keep your child entertained all day.

Blow Soap Bubbles

Another way to entertain your baby is by blowing soap bubbles. You can do this by making a quick soap solution as you blow bubbles into the air. Consider blowing bubbles during bath time to make the experience more enjoyable. Even so, you have to be careful with the detergent you use.

Remember, detergents contain toxic chemicals. Children, on the other hand, tend to swallow anything that comes their way. Chemical soap solutions pose a danger to your child’s health. So, if you choose to blow soap bubbles with your child, be careful.


Nowadays, there is a broad spectrum of ways to keep your children entertained all day. Children love attention. If you don’t keep them busy, they will get bored and start throwing tantrums. So, do your best to keep your child engaged throughout the day.

Some ways of entertaining your baby all day include taking them on a stroll, reading them their favorite storybook, and playing hide and seek. Child experts advise incorporating an activity that your child really likes.

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