Should Babies Sleep After Every Feeding?

 Unlike adults, newborns don’t have fixed sleeping hours. They can sleep both during the day and night. However, they tend to wake up after several hours to feed.

Keep in mind that babies have small stomachs; therefore, they cannot stay full for extended periods.

They will have to wake up and feed in the middle of the night from time to time. Once they are full, most of them will go back to sleep. But should babies sleep after every feeding?

When can I put my baby down after feeding?

Parents usually wonder when to put their babies down after feeding. As your baby grows, you’ll notice that they won’t wake up at night as often as they used to.

Three-month-old babies can sleep up to five hours at night. During the day, it can be hard to identify when to put your baby down to sleep.

Child experts usually recommend putting your baby down after 30 minutes. So, avoid laying your baby to sleep immediately after feeding them. Otherwise, this will lead to spitting or vomiting.

Allow your baby to sit upright if they can, or hold them up for several minutes after feeding. By doing this you will help keep the baby comfortable throughout their sleep.

Is it ok to put baby to sleep without burping?

All meals that newborns take are in liquid form. Therefore, parents have to do their best to ease the gas in their young one’s tummies.

Consequently, parents have to burp their babies after feeding. Doing this helps the baby sleep comfortably. Even if your baby is dozing off, do your best to burp them before they sleep.

It can be tempting to let your baby sleep without disturbing them, but don’t let that happen. Failure to burp your child before they go to sleep causes them to spit up or vomit. So, how do I burp my sleeping baby?

Best techniques to burp a sleeping baby

As a parent, there are a few burping tips and tricks you should learn. These tips help in making burping successful.

Use the shoulder position:

If your baby is already asleep, this position is the best. Burping your baby over the shoulder reduces the chances of them waking up.

All you have to do is hold your baby up and lay their head and neck against your shoulder. Hold the baby’s bottom with your arm and start rubbing their back.

Using the lap position:

Before you take your baby to sleep, place them gently on your lap with their stomach facing downward. Then, start patting their back.

Note that babies may spit up more than you expect while in this position due to the amount of pressure directed toward their stomachs.

Across your arm:

This is a good position for burping your newborn baby since the entire body will fit across your arm. Once you hold them across your arm, pat them on the back to encourage burping.

Should you burp a baby after a dream feed?

It is essential to burp your baby after every kind of feeding. So, burp your baby even when they wake up to feed in the middle of the night.

Note that all types of feeding can create gas in your baby’s tiny stomach. This causes discomfort in your baby. Thus, ensure you burp your baby to improve the quality of their sleep.

What happens if a sleeping baby doesn’t burp?

Sometimes, babies don’t burp. So, you need not worry. If your burping efforts are not bearing fruits after several minutes, it would be best to leave your baby to sleep. They will be fine but more likely to spit up in the middle of their sleep.

It is good to note that babies who don’t burp tend to experience gas problems. Note that some babies don’t burp as often as you expect them to because they don’t swallow a lot of gas while breastfeeding. Thus, don’t force them to burp; they are perfectly fine.

Is burping for newborn babies only?

More often than not, babies who burp are below six months. When your baby gets to six months, they won’t spit up as often. Therefore, burping won’t be necessary. It is always hard to burp a sleeping baby. But you cannot afford to skip this process.

Failure to burp your child leads to discomfort. As a result, your child won’t be able to sleep properly. Therefore, it is essential to master the best techniques for burping your baby. Regardless of the technique you use, ensure your baby is comfortable with it.


Babies have small stomachs. Therefore, they need to feed frequently. When babies feed, they become relaxed and sleepy.

As much as it may be tempting to let your baby sleep after every feeding, you need to hold them upright for about thirty minutes before putting them down. Doing this prevents spit outs and vomiting in babies.

Ensure you burp your baby before laying them down to sleep. Your baby will be much more comfortable; hence they will sleep for longer hours. Even so, ensure you use the proper burping techniques for your baby.

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