Helping Your Child Love Doing Homework

There are many responsibilities that come with sending your children to school. In addition to ensuring they have a nutritious breakfast and lunch, adequate school materials, and a safe way to school each day, you should be capable of guiding and assisting them as they finish their homework. While it may come easily to some parents, many find that their children dislike doing homework.

Why is homework important?

Supporting the learning process: 

By completing their homework, students cement their knowledge. Not only that, they’ll be ready for what comes next.

Duties to be fulfilled: 

Students gain insight into what it takes to finish a school term well, as well as practice what they’ve learned through their homework.


Having schoolwork teaches kids to be responsible and get things done. Doing homework regularly is a great way to build self-control and academic intelligence.

Some 11 tips that may help your child love doing homework:

Create a special area for it

The dining table, living room, or kitchen might not be the best places for your child to do their schoolwork. They may not be able to focus on their homework if there are a lot of things around them, such as certain house decor, people, food, or television.

Do them a favor and get them a good study table with plenty of room for all their school supplies, including books, notebooks, and pens. Be sure it comes with a cozy chair as well.

Your child will be more motivated to tackle their homework and will avoid distraction from other areas of the house if they have their study area.

Establishing a regular schedule for schoolwork is crucial.

Having a daily strategy and sticking to it will benefit your child. Instead of planning their day for them, show them how to organize their daily tasks. Give kids freedom of choice and let them manage their day.

Get their preferred homework time by asking them. Once you reach an agreement, you won’t need to remind them of their responsibilities continually. Consistency is a key strategy for kids to succeed with their assignments

Always reminding them to study or complete their schoolwork will positively affect them temporary. When kids experience these pressures, they learn to avoid or make up reasons not to do things.

Stay involved without being overbearing

As a parent, you know how frustrating it is when your child needs more time to grasp a concept. Stay actively involved and demonstrate persistence until your child grasps the concept.

Even with a really simple subject, some parents may become very angry. Worst-case scenario: you end up yelling at your child or threatening them, neither of which will inspire them to enjoy their schoolwork. Your goal is to raise independent kids when it comes to schoolwork

Let love be your guiding force 

In the presence of love, a youngster will always react. A child’s ability to assess the wisdom of their instructor depends on how much they love that educator. According to the research, students are more likely to work on requests from instructors they like.

Parents should as well lavish their kids with adequate affection and care. When kids know they are wanted and appreciated, they are more likely to take care not to lose that feeling and to do their best.

Homework should not be overly challenging or time-consuming 

It is inappropriate for teachers to assign homework that kids find themselves unable to complete even after school. However, it should be manageable, too, even if it might be done quickly. The mental and emotional toll these assignments may take on kids is real. A parent should know about the child’s weaknesses and strengths and know when to step in.

Break up long sessions 

Especially today, when there are countless distractions around them, children have terrible trouble focusing for prolonged periods of time.

Instead of creating a detailed homework schedule or putting undue pressure on them to complete all their assignments, try to divide up those lengthy periods of schoolwork into shorter ones.

For instance, after 30 minutes of doing homework, they can have a 5- or 10-minute break. Longer breaks need to be available to them after four of those cycles. That way, people can maximize their concentration and get more done.

Refrain from bribing your kids 

Many parents resort to small bribes to get their kids to finish their schoolwork. This method is ineffective even when the students complete the assignments since it relies on external incentives.

The promise of a reward motivates them to complete their assignments. But if they don’t get their reward, there won’t be any outcomes.

You need to work as an adult to earn a livelihood, so you do it for pay. Leaving is likely in the event that you go more than a month without receiving payment. When it comes to kids, the bribe works just as well as any other kind of encouragement.

Work together

Can you complete my homework? This is likely something that has been requested of you before. You should refuse to give in to this demand. However, there may come a point when your child is overloaded or the subject matter is too difficult.

Some teachers, particularly those without experience, tend to assign additional homework to the students without considering whether they can complete the assignments. Your encouragement and moral support may go a long way in helping them complete the assignment.

Availability of resource materials at home

Now that we live in a highly technological era, devices are the go-to for any study. Cellphones, tablets, computers, or iPads are often given to children these days.

Though these are the most practical and hassle-free resources we can provide for their schoolwork, it is also wise to provide your children with reading materials such as art supplies, magazines, and novels.

We no longer have to worry about not having the resources needed for their arts and crafts or dash to the library because these are available in our homes.

Of course, individuals can copy and paste text from an online article or print images from the internet. To be creative with their homework, they can also use these other resources available in their surroundings.

Verbally praise them

The surest approach to inspiring your kids is to pay attention to their actions and give them props when they succeed. All assignments fall into this category. It is also applicable to all other things.

These days, kids will do anything to make their parents happy, even if that means putting in extra hours at the desk. But you should still be ready to step in and assist with their homework if they need help.

However, it would help if you were always sincere and detailed while complimenting somebody. Give honest praise only when it’s truly earned; kids can tell when adults aren’t being truthful.

Additionally, being detailed will demonstrate that you have researched the subject and are willing to provide them with your assistance.

Make sure to have all of your homework materials ready 

Disruptions can cause children to lose focus and motivation even more quickly. That is why the youngster needs to gather all the necessary materials for the assignment before doing the homework.

The youngster wastes time and energy searching for a new pencil when the one they’re using runs out of ink. You can pack a compact box with items such as a pen, pencil sharpener, eraser, ruler, and more to meet your child’s essential needs.

In summary 

Remember to stress the importance of homework and its rewards for your children. In reality, they serve as a review of the material covered in class. This way, you can see where they’re falling short and provide them with the support they need to get back on track.

Additionally, it is important to make sure they know what will happen if they do not complete their homework. As parents, we must inspire kids to love learning and not despise education.

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