Outdoor Games For Children Below 8 Years

Being “plugged in” has addictive qualities that children are used to. It can seem like an impossible endeavor to lure your kids away from their beloved electronics and out of the house to play outdoor games.

However, fresh air, vitamin D, and a workout help children feel less worried, happier, and sleep better. This makes outdoor time more important than ever. As a result, toy manufacturers are working extra hard to create kid-friendly outdoor games that will keep them entertained.

Even if they have improved greatly since we were children, some old favorites are still fantastic. There are some games with no obvious goal other than entertainment. These include silly games, strategy games, water games, and games of skill. Being a child right now is fantastic.

These are the top outdoor games that, if you can believe it, will keep your kids away from their smartphones for several uninterrupted hours as they spend most of their time playing outdoors.

A child’s life must have plenty of sunshine. Sunlight-derived vitamin D supports healthy habits and the development of strong, healthy bones.

Before engaging in any outdoor recreation:

  • Set limitations for play
  • Put on sunscreen
  • Wear a sun hat
  • Keep plenty of water available for drinking.

Here are some 23 outdoor games for children below 8 years

Musical Statues

One of the simplest games for children—and possibly the most entertaining—is freeze dance. Just some music and a little breathing room will do. Keep the music off for a short while and see who shakes to make the game harder.

When the music starts, the children in the group start to dance. They should all freeze when the music stops. Those who keep moving are no longer in. Wait until the music begins before moving again.

Wet Sponge race

Your children will enjoy competing filling a container using a wet sponge. You will need two sponges, two large empty containers and other two filled with water. The children are expected to dip the sponge in the water, run to the empty cup and squeeze the water in.

The child who fills the container first wins the race. This game is suitable for two children or a group of children working as a team.

Egg and Spoon Race

You will require a start and finish line, dessert spoons, and hard-boiled eggs for this outdoor game. The egg is resting in the bowl of the spoon as each child holds the spoon in one hand. The objective is to walk quickly from beginning to end without the egg dropping.

Wavy lines

You will need to draw wavy lines using chalks or water paints. Make the lines thick enough and long. The lines should be of the same length. There should be enough distance between the line for ease of running or walking.

Children are expected to run or walk on a specific number of lines. The one who completes the given number of lines wins the race.

Hide and Seek

Everyone appears to be familiar with and enjoy playing the timeless outdoor game of hide and seek. Kids can use patio furniture and trees as hiding places to make the outdoor version even more entertaining.

Until everyone locates a hiding location, one person acting as the seeker counts aloud while keeping their eyes closed. After the counting is done, the seeker tries to find where the other players are hiding.

Potato Sack Race

The potato sack race is a staple among outdoor games. Kids can play it best in a large, open area with a minimum distance of ten meters separating the start and finish lines. Additionally, each kid will require a hessian potato sack. The goal is to jump inside the sack from beginning to end.

Hula Hoop

More than just hooping is possible with a hula hoop. Place the hula hoops in a line on the grass, then instruct the children to hop inside the circle for extra hula hoop fun. Children can compete to see who can go the longest without dropping their hoop if they have more than one.

You could even hold a competition. Another entertaining game to play with a hula hoop is freeze dance.

Obstacle Course

Everybody enjoys a challenging hurdle course. With the use of items such as pool noodles, hula hoops, a play tunnel, string, a balance beam, and others, you can build one in your own outdoor space.

Create a simple course for children and demonstrate how to finish it before allowing them to proceed. Encourage your older children to participate by assigning each member one hurdle for the race. They can attempt to beat their earlier time by timing themselves as they go.

Simon Says

This is a simple game full of fun for children. It improves listening skills since children have to do what the leader says. The leader gives instruction which has to be followed by an action or a movement. Each instruction must start with the phrase “Simon says”. If a child responds to what Simon has not said, then, they are out of the game. Failure to act according to what Simon says gets you out of the game. The last person is the winner.

Water Balloon Toss

This is similar to egg tossing but uses water balloons as the target. Fill in numerous water balloons to start. Give each pair of kids’ one water balloon after dividing them into two groups. Toss the water balloon backward and forward, and have the kids start close together.

Each time a throw is successful, instruct the kids to back up one step. They get eliminated if the pair misses the match, or the water balloon bursts. The team that is ultimately separated by the most triumphs!

Relay races

These are some entertaining outdoor party games that you might throw! You may construct a series of hurdles at the right size for your children using materials you already own. Your youngsters’ agility will increase as they jump over and crawl through the obstacles.

Jumping Game

Children enjoy jumping. On the ground, draw a start and finish line. The objective for your child is to leap from one end to the other. It is a great option for children’s outdoor games and is appropriate for children aged two to four. The first to reach the line triumphs!

Pass the Ball

Play pass the ball if you’re seeking an outdoor activity for young children. First, take a position in front of your youngster. Discreetly pass the ball between you. Take a small step backward as they gain self-assurance. The gap between you widens. They’ll soon start kicking short distances.

Tag, you’re It

Without a game of tag, what other backyard activities exist? “It” is one child at first. The object of the game is for the child who has been tagged to tag another kid. After that, they are free to leave, and the new youngster has the opportunity to tag somebody else.


Add Limbo to your outdoor children’s games collection if you are seeking some. Music is playing while two adults grip the limbo stick. Encourage the children to avoid touching the stick by moving under it.

The kid sits down if they knock it over. Lower the stick as soon as everybody has had a turn, then carry on until just one child remains.

Water Games

This is a preferred family game on hot days. Water-based outdoor sports help to keep players cool. Water-filled buckets and hoses are options. At parties, water guns are also practical and entertaining. Have plenty of towels available so you can dry off, along with the children, before stepping inside.

Bubble Blast

Blowing bubbles is an enjoyable game for infants, toddlers, and young children. Children enjoy grabbing the bubbles up high. Additionally, they want to chase after them. Older children can blow bubbles on their own. A bubble machine comes in handy, or a wand to create your own.

Bob for Apples

Every child should have an apple in a big tub of water. A youngster must pick up an apple with their teeth while their hands are behind their backs in order to win this outdoor game. The child goes to the end of the line to attempt again if the apple drops while being removed from the water.

Musical Chairs

A chair is the first thing each youngster has. They circle each other while dancing to the music as an adult adjusts a few chairs. The kids rush for the remaining chairs when the music stops. A youngster gets eliminated if they are still standing. Play on until only one child and the chair remain.

Paper Aero planes

This is a popular game among preschoolers. Kids must fold their own airplanes. Give them colorful paper and instruct them on how to make it. Then arrange the kids in a line. Every kid lets their creations fly into the air. The winner is the person who makes the most loops or flies the farthest.

Sprinkler Time

Dodging the sprinkler as it spins is another popular outdoor pastime for kids. Sprinklers are enjoyable and refreshing to move in and out of. Even if they aren’t yet able to walk, your child can enjoy this garden activity while safe in your arms.

Skittles Bowling

A small ball and a set of skittles are all you need for this game. It makes a wonderful outdoor game for one kid or a group of children. Place the skittles in a triangular formation. Your kid tosses the ball in the direction of the skittles.

To succeed, knock them out. If your turf is too long or soft, use a walkway.

Let’s Play Make-Believe

Kids enjoy dressing up. Dress-up apparel and accessories should fill a laundry basket. Allow the children to control their own imaginary play. You will not be able to stop kids from acting out in imaginary situations.


Most of the games mentioned above will continue to be popular for many more years. As kids develop more competitiveness and self-assurance, your child will become better at them. Your child’s busy way of life helps them hone their abilities.

Your child will experience new things and skills while playing outdoors. Games support the growth of children’s gross motor skills as well as awakening their talents. Playing with your children gives parent an opportunity to instill lifelong skills like sharing, being helpful and caring for others.

Children also gain problem-solving skills and develop their creativity and critical thinking. They learn how to work with other people while having fun.

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